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Gardening with Oils eBook

Gardening with Oils eBook

Companion planting is a practice that involves placing certain plants near others to benefit a target crop. These benefits can be things like pest control, flavor improvement, or even attracting pollinators. 


You might have already heard of companion planting, and might already be doing it in your garden. But did you know that many essential oils can be used as a replacement for a companion plant? 


One might create a Lavender oil mixture to treat aphids on peppers, for example, instead of planting a Lavender plant. 


There are many reasons why you'd want to use the oil equivalent of a plant to treat common garden issues -- and all of this is coverered in this 35-page eBook!


Inside the book you'll find:


-Introduction: What is Companion Planting?

-Introduction: Why Use Oils vs Plants?

-Oils Index

-Oils By Use

-Plant Guide


The Plant Guide covers 15 common garden plants and their common ailments-- as well as 16 different companion oils - how they help each plant, how to use the oils in your garden, and more!


If you're looking for amazing garden space-saving hacks, to learn more about oils or about plant chemistry, this eBook is for you! 

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