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Ningxia Red Jell-O Recipe

Having children has awakened many aspects of my inner child. I've been reminded of how satisfying it is to doodle with sidewalk chalk on a sunny day, and how sandwiches taste better when cut into triangles. I've also recently re-discovered the fact that juice is much more fun when served in chilled Jell-O form.

You can pretty much turn any juice into Jell-O with the recipe I'm about to share, but we chose to make ours with Ningxia Red, and here's why:

Why Ningxia Red?

This juice is made from goji berries, which are an incredible superfood. Here's a quick nutritional comparison of goji berries versus blueberries:

Goji berries have:
  • 3x more protein

  • 442% more dietary fiber

  • 399% more Vitamin C

  • 30 times more calcium

  • 23 times more iron.

I'd always thought of blueberries as a superfood. But when I saw side-by-side comparisons like this, I was SOLD on the nutritional value of goji berries. The thing is, I don't really love their taste. They aren't nearly as easy to eat as blueberries, likely because you can only really find them in their dried form at most grocery stores. I've found that Ningxia Red is the most delicious way to incorporate this SUPER super food into our daily routine.

And now that we have this Jell-O recipe down pat, it's even easier to stick to portion sizes. If you're already a Ningxia lover, you probably already know how easy it is to blow through a bottle way too quickly! Turning it into a Jell-O allows you to cut it into small, nutritionally-dense squares, and you can pop them in your mouth like a gummy vitamin. Plus, the kids love them!

Without further ado, here's the recipe we used:


1 cup Ningxia Red (refrigerated)

1 tbsp grass-fed gelatin powder


Heat 1/2 cup of the Ningxia on medium-low just until it hits a boil, then turn the heat off. Add the gelatin and whisk together quickly for about 1 minute. Pour the other 1/2 cup of cold Ningxia into the mixture. Whisk together until blended, then pour entire mixture into desired container. (we used this glass storage dish) Set in the fridge and let cool until hardened, about 2 hours. Cut into small squares for easy portion sizes, and keep covered and refrigerated.

Hope you love this Ningxia Jell-O as much as we do! Tag me on Instagram (@leafandlearn) if you try it!

- Taylor


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