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For the Spring 2023 season, we will be offering only a handful of Olive Egger orders. These eggs will be a combination of First Generation (F1) eggs and 2nd/3rd Generation. (F2, F3) The F1s will arrive as blue eggs, but the chicks that hatch from them will have the olive gene.

The hybrids you might get are:

Cream Legbar x Welsummer (olive speckled gene)

Cream Legbar x Black Copper Marans (olive gene)

Lavender Ameraucana x Welsummer (olive speckled gene)

Lavender Ameraucana x Welsummer (olive speckled gene)

Easter Egger x Welsummer (olive speckled gene)

Easter Egger x Welsummer (olive speckled gene)

We're unable to do special requests due to limited supply, so you'll receive a variety pack of any of the above crosses! We're excited to be offering these for the first time ever, so PLEASE send updates and feedback on your chicks. And feel free to ask any questions about incubation! The incubator we use and recommend can be found here.

Orders will be processed on a first come/first serve basis. I also have to take into account the temperatures where they're being shipped to, as they cannot be sent in freezing temps. I will contact you prior to shipping to make sure you're ready for them! 

NOTE: When ordering hatching eggs from *anywhere* -- not just us, there's a chance that not all of the eggs will hatch. This is just natural. On my end, all I can do is ensure that they are fertile and properly packaged for safe shipping. It's important to let your eggs sit at room temperature for 24 hours before incubating. Please refer to this guide on how to handle hatching eggs and incubate properly to help ensure that your hatch rate is as high as possible. Please do not purchase hatching eggs if you're unable to take the risk. By purchasing, you acknowledge this information and consent to assuming the risk of eggs not hatching. There are no refunds.

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