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Inspiring families to GET OUTSIDE, live intentionally, and create space for childhood.

Hello, we're the Moran Family!

I'm Taylor! My husband Nick and I are raising 3 boys: Hudson, Thompson, and Augustus - on 5 wooded acres in Arkansas. But life didn't always look like this.

When we met in college, we were both studying Philosophy & on track to pursue our own 9-5 careers. In 2017, during our Master's programs, while I was earning my teaching certificate - I got pregnant with Hudson. 

Becoming a mother changed me in a million ways, but namely, changed what we wanted out of life. It also changed my perspective of childhood education, & I felt called to homeschool.

The next several years was a messy scramble to re-position ourselves to fulfill our newfound dreams. I taught myself design & social media marketing, while Nick ruthlessly saved every penny he earned at his job. 

Now, we work remotely & spend our days at home as a family - building out our home, going on field trips, practicing skills, and learning through living...together.


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Entirely made of plants!


East Perry

Sheepskin Rugs, Pillows, & More

Sheepskin calms the nervous system, helps with anxiety, stimulates bloodflow, helps with pain relief, & regulates body temperature. We have sheepskin in our living room, bedrooms, even under my desk chair. I've seen the biggest benefits for Thom, who had stopped taking naps - but is now calmed by the sheepskin & chooses to rest on the soft rug. The health benefits are amazing - but the beauty the rugs bring to each room is incredible, too. East Perry's sheepskins are organic, free-range, and the sheep live *full* lives on grass & spring-fed water. We love this small shop & their products, and you will, too!

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